David R Lewis

Network Marketing Skills Trainer

I help Network Marketers build their business using both my proven powerful communication skills training offline and leveraging CRM and AI technology online.

Discover how you can explode your business in just three moves. 

The “PS:3 Pipeline PROS” communication system and the “Magic Words That Work” are the keys to Network Marketing mastery in 2024.

The PROS system will teach you how to
Prospect – Recruit – Onboard – Sponsor
a team of motivated members by turning leads into leaders.

Networking Success Principles

Don’t make it about the business, make it about
serving people and the things they want. 

You can be right about what you know or
choose to be rich by learning what you don’t know, 

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David R Lewis

“The success you seek is in words
you have not learned how to say, and the power of saying the right words in the right way."

Want your life to elevate, you must improve your ability to communicate. 
Remember, you can win as long as you keep your head to they sky.

"We rise up to achieve our goals when we slow down to practice and develop communication skill with powerful words that work."

About Me

Coach & Consultant

David is the coach and mentor that Network Marketers with strong reasons and drive can rely on to go to the top of their company’s compensation plan.

The best communicators earn the most in every field of human endeavor.  Communication skills are taught and learned.

1. Communication Skills Set

2. Team Building Skill Set

3. Leadership Skill Set

It’s a fact:
“Your level of success In Life is determined
by your mastery of Three skill sets”

Communiction Skills

Team Building Skills

Leadership Skills

skills set 1. communication:

Prospecting skills

PS:3 Pipeline System Mastery

The PS:3 Pipeline PROS System gives you a rejection free prospecting and recruiting approach to grow your business.

 You’ll learn how to efficiently find the right people to talk to and effectively talk to the people you find.

You’ll learn the sequence of magic words that work to invite prospects to enter themselves into the PS:3 Pipeline System.  

PS:3 Pipeline Process

PS:3 Pipeline system PROS recruiting process: 
1. “Pique” your prospect’s interest
2. “Discover” pains, problems in need of a solution
3. “Qualify” to look at your business as a solution
4.  “Share” Inviting to enter PS:3 Pipeline Process
5. “Watch” a 5-minute video and schedule
6. “Schedule a Strategy call, to turn your leads into leaders and cash flow.  

Share A Video, Get A Review

The PS:3 Pipeline “Invite” communication Skills training helps you consistently “do and duplicate” what works to load your Pipeline with new prospect to achieve success, income, happiness, and the life fulfillment you desire.

3 way call

I’ll teach you how to use the powerful PS:3 Pipeline System’s three way call strategy.

Learn how to use your business leader’s credibility, mind and mouth to quickly
growyour business and your income. 


skill set 2: Team Building:

Recruiting & Onboarding skills

PS:3 Pipline System Workshop

David teaches Networkers how to make offers people are happy to receive and buy! 

You’ll learn emotionally intelligent persuasive words to help people identify and then solve their problem with our solution.  It’s the opposite of convincing or selling. 

Convincing is getting someone to do what you want for your reasons. 

Persuasion is helping a prospect make a decision they truly desire to make for their own  reasons. We just help them see the benefits to get past their filters and find their own reason,

“Learning persuasive communication person to person or from the stage is the most profitable business skills - and anyone can learn to master it."

PS:3 Pipeline system is the most effective system for success in Networking. 

Recruiting Roadmap


skill set 3: LEADERSHIP

Sponsoring & training skills

Leadership Workshop

David teaches Networkers how to make offers people are happy to buy!  You’ll learn systematic problem solving using the PS:3 System. You’ll learn how sharing is not selling or convincing people to buy things they don’t want, need, or can’t afford.  


"Each and everyday you have another opportunity to get better, incrementally better." Tiger Woods


 Persuasion is helping a prospect make a decision they truly desire to make for their own  reasons. We just help them to get past their filters, see the benefits clearly versus the risks and find their own reasons to take action.

Expectation is Our Greatest Super Power

“Learn to only expect the outcomes you desire; 

Learn to believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts. 

Most people believe their doubts and doubt their beliefs.” 
Myron Golden

PS:3 Way Call/Zoom

On this call we will.


Learn how to become the master of your beliefs. My priority in business is threefold. First Leverage, second Lifestyle, third, and most importantly Legacy.

Welcome Call

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Game Plan Zoom

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Launch Zoom

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You'll Learn How To Make More Offers

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Let me show you how to get true leverage in your life.

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David R Lewis

CEO, David Lewis LLC

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